sexta-feira, 23 de maio de 2008

The Redhead

She walks into a room,any room, amongst the glow of the fair haired blonde, amongst the mysterious darkness of the brunette. Still, it is she who captivates all who gaze upon her beauty. Both men & women alike cannot break the desperate longing to look at her just once more. She is mesmerizing, a rarity! So stunning is she that the pounding heart skips a beat whenever in her presence. As this majestic creature looks out toward her crowd of admirers, her eyes, full of fire, are hypnotic, almost spell-like. As she floats throughout the room, men hold their breath in hopes of containing theirrelentless desire for this phenomenon among all others. She is a description of unwavering passion,fire & ice, capable of driving men into lustfull insanity & women into undiscovered realms of jealously----- She is the Redhead.

Written by H.Stone
Artwork by David FeBland

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